The 80s & 90s

Can I Come In?

We spent a lot of time at our family cottage in the Muskokas when the children were young. In this picture, my daughter Ange was coming in after playing outside, still in her pajamas, early in the morning. (1980)

Quiet Time with Dad

This isn't a particularly good quality picture. But it is a very pleasant memory for me. (1980)


Back at our family cottage my son would spend much of his time fishing. (1983)

Santa's Knee

My mother was the biggest believer of Santa and the true Spirit of Christmas. She grew up in Toronto and never missed the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade as a little girl. In later years Mom always watched the Eaton's Santa Claus Parade on the TV with us. 

My daughter was shocked to discover her grandmother (Gogs) had never had her picture taken while sitting on Santa's lap.

So Ange dragged Mom into the Georgian Mall for her first picture on Santa's knee.


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