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We’re Quarantined, Ba-Ba-Ba

- jim Young 20200327
“Good times never seemed so good…” Neil Diamond
It feels wrong, when someone is doing something “nice”, to be thinking, “Is that ALL you can do? Is that really the best you’ve got?
Yet that’s exactly how I feel about Neil Diamond’s feeble attempt to rework "Sweet Caroline" and release it to help “boost people’s spirits” during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mind you, I’m the guy that cringed when Elton John rewrote "Candle In The Wind" for Princess Diana. 
Originally, having penned “Candle In The Wind” for Marilynn Monroe, it just seemed to me to be a disservice to both ladies to now take it, change the words and dedicate it to Princess Diana - just because she died. 
In Elton John’s defense, the tragic death of a good friend is not likely to be conducive to put one in an inspirational frame of mind for song writing. So I’ll give him credit for changing the entire lyrics (except for part of the chorus) in Diana’s honour.
Elton John may have changed the…

Trump Hands Out Money


Are Hand Sanitizers Weakening Our Immune System?

- jim Young 20200314

“Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” The Untouchables (1987)

One of our most effective natural defenses against infectious and contagious diseases is our own immune system.

Exposure in small doses to infections and contagions allows our immune system to build up a resistance to diseases enabling us to fight it off and prevent us from getting sick.

This often explains why housewives and doctors have traditionally been passed over during outbreaks of colds and flus

As caretakers to the family and the general public, housewives and doctors are most likely to be exposed to cold and flu viruses in the early stages of their attack.

It’s the same principle with vaccinations which inject weakened doses of the virus (alive or dead) into our bodies to allow our immune system to familiarize itself with the threat and take appropriate defensive action.

When our bodies don’t have the required resources to fight back, our immune system becomes overwhelmed and we get sick.

Hand s…

Why The Corona Virus Hasn't Affected Me


“Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie” - Review

- jim Young 20200209

The documentary "Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie" is a lie and it only took 20 seconds into the film to find the first lie.

"I started doing a lot of research," one of the filmmakers claimed.

I don’t know where he got his research or what he defines as a “lot” but one of the first things he should have discovered about visiting Cuba is, if you try to take a drone or anything that might be considered a tool of espionage into Cuba, you’re going to have a delay at customs and may not be permitted entry.

Not a very clever start for an investigative journalist.

From the video it looks like most of his research came from travel sites. There’s nothing wrong with starting there, but did he really expect to find anything but “a very beautiful country. Very colorful photos with all the classic American cars?” 

That’s called marketing. You know about marketing - it’s a key component to American capitalism.

It doesn’t take a computer whi…

The Lesson Trump’s Impeachment Has For Our Children

- jim Young 20190207

“Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.” - anon

With the possible exception of one Republican voting to convict Trump, I don’t think there were any real surprises on the final day of Trump's impeachment trial.

It’s an undeniable fact that the Liberals didn’t win the impeachment trial. And yet it’s also an undeniable fact that neither did Trump nor the Republicans.

The repercussions of Trump’s impeachment will ripple through time leaving it’s lasting impressions on history forever.

So who did win?

Whether you side with the political right, insisting it was a frivolous waste of time and money from the beginning or you lean towards the political left and are shaking your head in frustration, there is another group of people that are formulating some of their own very important lessons from it all - a group of people that should be far more important than the right or the left - our children.

And THEY know who won!

The only real winners in Trump’s im…

Would You Rather Live In Cuba Or The United States

- jim Young  originally published August 2012 updated February 2020

“Humanity’s a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.”  – Terry Pratchett

Just the very idea of living under a dictatorship or communist rule is so terrifying to most Americans that their answer to the question “would you rather live in Cuba or the United States?” would be based on a preconceived notion without even considering the facts.

Why cloud the “truth” with facts?

We could debate the pros and cons of a democratic/capitalistic society vs a dictatorship/socialistic society until the cows come home and never be any further ahead.

As Sir Winston Churchill said in 1947 “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

To put it another way, one might suggest a democratic government is nothing more than the least evil of all the evils.

And when you think about it, how much say does any individual really have in the running of any democratic government anywa…

Without Question

- jim Young 1993/0621/20080227/20130227

It’s funny how many things we accept without question. Like the theory that no two snowflakes are alike.

Whoever said there are no two snowflakes alike? We've heard it since we were children and were taught it was an absolute truth until we no longer questioned the reasoning behind it.

I think there is a very good possibility that there are, somewhere out there, two snowflakes that are alike.

Not 100% identical maybe, but very much alike. After all they do have some things in common. They all have 6 points (although that is another “truth” that I might challenge at a different time) they are all made of crystallized water, etc.

Who has examined so many snowflakes that they can categorically state there are no two alike?

Did this person take a cross section percentage of snowflakes in the same manner that Neilsen determines TV ratings to arrive at this conclusion? Did he examine a determined number of snowflakes and does he continue to do so …

That’s Where The Money Goes

- jim Young 19920221/20080302/20200122

Does anyone need to be reminded that it's income tax time? Each year at this time I have to ponder the original purpose of income tax in Canada as a temporary measure to help finance World War II. As far as I know, World War II is over and has been for some time. Did we really go into debt that much?

It's kind of like the introduction to dog licenses to compensate farmers for livestock lost to packs of wild dogs. The road to hell is, in fact, paved with good intentions.

As I sit down at my computer (which I hope to be able to write off this year) to prepare my claims for my tax auditor, I cannot resist the urge to play with some of my computer's fancy features.

My graph program for instance, paints a very clear picture of where my money goes. My boss has an incredible ability to look at columns and columns of numbers and be able to make some sense of it. Charts and graphs, however are the only real way to put things into perspective f…

Should We Allow The Lord’s Prayer In Our Schools?

- jim Young 20080307/20200121

“Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.” -George Carlin

You’ve seen them. Emails abound that complain about taking the Lord’s Prayer out of our schools.

This is often done under the guise that we seem to be letting the minorities dictate our new policies.

One remedy seems to be to allow the students of different religious faiths to leave the room while Christian religious prayers are being held.

I remember when I was in High School we had a Jehovah’s Witness that was excused from the classroom for morning exercises each day while the rest of the class stood for O’ Canada and then recited the Lord’s Prayer. I felt sorry for her. I can only imagine the embarrassment that she must have endured having been singled out so. Isn’t this segregation? Is this what we really want for our children?

I didn’t agree with her religious beliefs at the time – but I always held a great degree of respect for thi…

The F-Word

- jim Young 20000924/20010121

Nobody let on that he saw nothing, for then he would not be fit for his post, or else he was a fool. Never before had the Emperor’s clothes been so successful! 
‘But he hasn’t anything on’ said a little child.
‘Oh listen to the innocent,’ said his father. And what the child had said was whispered from one person to the other.
‘He has nothing on – a child says he has nothing on!’
‘But he has nothing on!!’ cried all the people at last.
- Hans Christian Anderson, from The Emperor’s New Clothes

I remember the first time the boy child used the word “fuck” in front of his mother and I. His mother freaked and demanded that the boy child be put down. I could see by the expression on the boy child's face that he had just discovered a very powerful and valuable tool. He was in grade one and had heard the word used by his friends. Not realizing the significance or meaning of the word, the boy child had used it in a very innocent and casual manner.

It was time for a pro…