Dear Journalist Katie

- jim Young

“Based on the state of politics in the world today, is there really any such thing as ‘political correctness?’” - jim Young

Dear Journalist Katie: (Or whoever is the true originator of this meme.)

While I recognize your right to interpret anything I say or do based on your personal, past life experiences, I hope you will not be disappointed by my total disregard for this opinion you have shared.

Actually, I kind of resent the fact that you are automatically including me in a group without knowing anything about me, based solely on my gender. Isn’t that in fact counteractive to the very point you are trying to make?

I hold doors open for women and I will continue to do so regardless of your misinformed interpretation of what that might mean to you. I also hold doors open for men; and children; and the elderly; and the physically challenged; and people of any race, colour, age, sex, religion or political affiliation.

Why? Because unlike you, my first assumption about everyone I meet is that they are a person of respect and I will respect them until they give me reason not to.

Conversely, I have never once been offended nor have I viewed myself as incompetent when someone has held a door open for me.

Instead, I am appreciative, I accept the gesture gracefully and I say, “Thank you!”

Shortly after World War II, Pabst introduced the six-pack size of beer following numerous packaging tests which showed this was the best size an average housewife could comfortably carry.

Would it be politically incorrect then for me to ask my wife to pick up a six-pack of beer for me when she’s out shopping? Or should I make her feel like a big girl and ask her to get me a 2-4?

I want to be sure to keep the little woman happy!

- 30 -


  1. Very well said Jim. Love and respect your opinions

    1. Thanks for your comments. Most people comment on FaceBook but it really helps to get comments here as well. ;-)


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