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Physical Distancing Now Optional In Ontario

- jim Young Well maybe not everywhere in Ontario, but apparently it is at Rogers Centre during the Blue Jays Baseball Games. With a seating capacity of 49,282 and attendance limited to 15,000 fans you would think physical distancing would not be a problem. That ratio works out to about 1 fan for every 3.3 seats which should allow everyone to be physically distanced by the required 2 metres for any given game. Pods of up to 4 people in the “physically distanced” seats are available to accommodate fans living in the same household so this should provide a little extra room just to be safe. However not ALL the seats at Rogers Center are being put to use.  One-third of the seating available for sale (100L and 200L outfield and bases) is allocated to the optional “physical distancing” seats.  The remaining two-thirds of the seats available for sale (100L and 200L infield and TD Clubhouse) are designated as “standard seating”.  The other sections are closed and remain empty. That’s 10,000 p

Published In The Great North Arrow, September 2020: I’m Canadian, eh? Sorry

-  jim Young How do you spell Canada with 3 letters?  You’ve got your C, eh? and your N, eh? &  and your D, eh? I’m Canadian, eh? Sorry.  When I say “sorry” , I’m not really apologizing for being Canadian. I am proud to be a Canadian. Damn proud! So why would I say “Sorry” ?  Canadians are known for being polite. (Sadly, not ALL Canadians are polite ALL the time, but overall it’s just one of the idiosyncrasies we’ve become known for.) So while it might seem that I am apologizing for being Canadian I am really just apologizing in case you are, for some unknown reason, offended that I am a Canadian.  Canadians politely apologize so much that most provinces have adopted an “apology legislation” which states that “an apology does not constitute an admission of fault or liability following an accident.” Just like, “I’m sorry that you may be offended that I am a Canadian” , when I say “Sorry” , following a fender bender, I am simply saying “I am sorry that your car was damaged in this