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We’re Quarantined, Ba-Ba-Ba

- jim Young 20200327
“Good times never seemed so good…” Neil Diamond
It feels wrong, when someone is doing something “nice”, to be thinking, “Is that ALL you can do? Is that really the best you’ve got?
Yet that’s exactly how I feel about Neil Diamond’s feeble attempt to rework "Sweet Caroline" and release it to help “boost people’s spirits” during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mind you, I’m the guy that cringed when Elton John rewrote "Candle In The Wind" for Princess Diana. 
Originally, having penned “Candle In The Wind” for Marilynn Monroe, it just seemed to me to be a disservice to both ladies to now take it, change the words and dedicate it to Princess Diana - just because she died. 
In Elton John’s defense, the tragic death of a good friend is not likely to be conducive to put one in an inspirational frame of mind for song writing. So I’ll give him credit for changing the entire lyrics (except for part of the chorus) in Diana’s honour.
Elton John may have changed the…

Trump Hands Out Money


Are Hand Sanitizers Weakening Our Immune System?

- jim Young 20200314

“Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” The Untouchables (1987)

One of our most effective natural defenses against infectious and contagious diseases is our own immune system.

Exposure in small doses to infections and contagions allows our immune system to build up a resistance to diseases enabling us to fight it off and prevent us from getting sick.

This often explains why housewives and doctors have traditionally been passed over during outbreaks of colds and flus

As caretakers to the family and the general public, housewives and doctors are most likely to be exposed to cold and flu viruses in the early stages of their attack.

It’s the same principle with vaccinations which inject weakened doses of the virus (alive or dead) into our bodies to allow our immune system to familiarize itself with the threat and take appropriate defensive action.

When our bodies don’t have the required resources to fight back, our immune system becomes overwhelmed and we get sick.

Hand s…

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