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Finance Minister Rod Phillips Breaks Provincial Covid-19 Guidelines

- jim Young “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” - anon Who’s Calling The Kettle Black? It’s possible that when Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips booked his trip to St. Barts in the Caribbean, things seemed to be looking up a bit Covid-wise in Ontario. But by December 13 when he left for his vacation - not so much. Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips Still, we were not in a lock-down situation province wide nor was Phillips likely aware, like the rest of us, that we would be facing a lock-down situation immediately following Christmas. However that does not excuse Phillips’ poor judgement given that the province of Ontario was urging everyone to avoid non-essential travel during that time. When are politicians ever going to learn that they need to lead by example? Phillips’ decision to take that vacation was a monumental, stupid error in judgement on his part. Granted, Phillips is accepting full responsibility for this error in judgement and not trying to make excu

The Twelve Drinks Of Christmas

- jim Young "I’ll always feel you close to me and though you’re far from sight, I’ll search for you among the stars that shine on Christmas night." - anon In spite of what you might have learned from Bob and Doug McKenzie while listening to their version of the “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, the real Twelve Days of Christmas actually begin on December 25 and end on January 6. Over the years, however I have chosen to celebrate the Twelve Days Of Christmas on the days leading up to Christmas Day, beginning on the 13th of December and ending on the 24th. Some years, in lieu of stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve I would surprise My Shirley with 12 small individual gifts giving her one to open each day as sort of a cross between the Twelve Days Of Christmas and half of an Advent Calendar. When we were in the workforce we often celebrated the last 12 working days leading up to the Christmas holiday with employees taking turns bringing in a different snack each day for all to enjoy.

The 2020 GREATER Barrie Chamber of Commerce Barrie Santa Tour

- jim Young 20201209  “When one door closes, just open it again. It’s a door. That’s how they work.” - anon One of the many challenges we have faced with the pandemic of 2020 has been how to cope with family gatherings and familiar traditions that are not permitted this year. Christmas traditions that will have to be cancelled or altered in some way will probably be the most disappointing for many people. Click on the picture to see a larger view.    The Barrie Chamber of Commerce  Santa Claus Parade is one such tradition for me that I have been involved with for the past 6 years. That may not be a long tradition but it’s a very special one as I have taken the seat of honour high in the sleigh at the end of the parade each year during that time. So it was understandably, with great disappointment that I read the Barrie Santa Claus Parade had to be cancelled this year, due to Covid concerns. Instead of just throwing their hands up in defeat however, the Barrie Chamber of Commerce came u