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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

 - jim Young 20210402 “You can believe me now or you can believe me when you find out I’m right. It doesn’t matter to me.” - Jay Benson (one of my mentors at Kolmar.) My father always taught me that I could do anything that I really wanted to do if I put my mind to it. My father was wrong of course, but I never held it against him. I quickly learned that there were sometimes outside forces that I had no control over working against me. Gravity, for one, comes to mind. I’m sure you can figure out what THAT was all about. But I also learned my father’s lesson was not intended to be taken literally. The emphasis was on “putting my mind to it” and learning to try. In a recent, obvious attempt to discredit Joe Biden, Brittany M. Hughes has attacked a speech made by Biden about teaching his granddaughters the same basic lesson. Hughes is not wrong in her theories, of course, but she might want to cut Biden a bit of slack here. Whether you like Joe Biden or not, it’s not just Biden that has m