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“Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie” - Review

- jim Young 20200209 The documentary  "Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie"  is a lie and it only took 20 seconds into the film to find the first lie. "I started doing a lot of research,"  one of the filmmakers claimed. I don’t know where he got his research or what he defines as a “lot” but one of the first things he should have discovered about visiting Cuba is, if you try to take a drone or anything that might be considered a tool of espionage into Cuba, you’re going to have a delay at customs and may not be permitted entry. Not a very clever start for an investigative journalist. From the video it looks like most of his research came from travel sites. There’s nothing wrong with starting there, but did he really expect to find anything but “a very beautiful country. Very colorful photos with all the classic American cars?”  That’s called marketing. You know about marketing - it’s a key component to American capitalism. It doesn’t ta

The Lesson Trump’s Impeachment Has For Our Children

- jim Young 20190207 “Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.” - anon With the possible exception of one Republican voting to convict Trump, I don’t think there were any real surprises on the final day of Trump's impeachment trial. It’s an undeniable fact that the Liberals didn’t win the impeachment trial. And yet it’s also an undeniable fact that neither did Trump nor the Republicans. The repercussions of Trump’s impeachment will ripple through time leaving it’s lasting impressions on history forever. So who did win? Whether you side with the political right, insisting it was a frivolous waste of time and money from the beginning or you lean towards the political left and are shaking your head in frustration, there is another group of people that are formulating some of their own very important lessons from it all - a group of people that should be far more important than the right or the left - our children. And THEY know who won! The only real win

Would You Rather Live In Cuba Or The United States

- jim Young   originally published August 2012 updated February 2020 “Humanity’s a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.”  – Terry Pratchett Just the very idea of living under a dictatorship or communist rule is so terrifying to most Americans that their answer to the question “would you rather live in Cuba or the United States?” would be based on a preconceived notion without even considering the facts. Why cloud the “truth” with facts? We could debate the pros and cons of a democratic/capitalistic society vs a dictatorship/socialistic society until the cows come home and never be any further ahead. As Sir Winston Churchill said in 1947 “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.” To put it another way, one might suggest a democratic government is nothing more than the least evil of all the evils. And when you think about it, how much say does any individual really have in the running of any democrati