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Don Cherry - Little Man, Big Mouth

- jim Young (191112) When someone says, “He’s a good guy once you get to know him,” what they’re really saying is “He’s an asshole, but you’ll get used to it.” - anon When Don Cherry referred to immigrants as “you people” , suggesting they should be wearing a poppy in support of the  “these guys”  that “paid for your way of life”  what he was overlooking was “these guys” were actually defending the way of life that allows the “you people” as well as every other Canadian to choose if they would like to wear a poppy or not. Let’s be honest here. Not every Canadian, whether immigrant or natural born, wear poppies in support of veterans. “These guys” paid for every one of us to choose which causes we would like to support. Or not. However it should also be remembered that “these guys” also paid for Don Cherry’s right to voice his opinion; at least as Don Cherry if not a spokesman for Sportsnet. Afterall, “these guys” likewise paid for Sportsnet’s right to determine how th

Christmas Decorations Do Not Disrespect Our Vets

- jim Young 191106 “In my home, Christmas and its decorations do not diminish the memory of our vets, it enhances them. Christmas and its decorations do not disrespect the memory of our vets, it honours them.” - jim Young I would like to know who started the notion that it is disrespectful to decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day. This was not something I remember growing up with and it seems to be a recent concept. I suspect it evolved from those people who are annoyed that stores start displaying Christmas decorations even before Hallowe’en. Here’s a little known secret. The reality is EVERY business only sells their Christmas decorations during one brief time of the year. It begins when the majority of their customers START buying them and ends when the majority of their customers STOP buying them. How do they determine when this time is? Their computerized cash register receipts tell them so. If the public quits buying them early in the season, the stores