Let us measure what we will do for others...


  1. I love this!
    - You had wished that more people would show their reaction and use the comments on your site rather than just on Facebook. As far as comments go, just make it a regular footnote on your Facebook post. "Please make your comments on my site rather than here."

    The issue I have with reactions is that the reaction options do not allow me to express that I "Love" it or say that I find it "Awesome."
    I found this, and other entries to be both.

  2. Thanks Gary.

    I wanted to add more reactions but apparently blogger only allows three. I can however, customize them. Any suggestions for what the 3 reaction options should be?

    1. Hmmm,I wasn't expecting you to call then raise the stakes (not).
      My first thought is not to have a 'negative' reaction. If they don't like it they can make a comment. I would want to know what people like so I can write more of that kind of thing. Hahaha, that has never motivated either of us.
      I know this is a chance to be creative and innovative but people have been trained (brainwashed) to like, love or laugh.

    2. I just don't think it's fair to offer a "positive" reaction without offering an opposite and equal "negative" reaction as well as a "I don't care" reaction.

      Perhaps that's why blogger only offers the 3 options.

      It's true I want to know what people like so I can write MORE about THAT. But I also want to know what people DON'T like so I can also decide if I want to write MORE about THAT!

      Mostly I don't want to write about what people think "they don't care" about.

    3. The standard negative reaction is that the reader will simply click away to something else. I would like to look into the internal workings of Blogspot more to see if there is a 'hit counter' that tells how many people stayed for not long enough to read the whole article and just moved on. That's a negative reaction.

      Okay, Maybe it's just me. I write because it makes me feels good. I know that I will be followed by people who also like that material. If that is no one it had no impact because I still enjoy it. If a million people follow me it just lets me know that I have shared a thought that is popular. Popular is not my goal. Enjoyment is.

  3. In part, I write to learn. I don't always 100% agree with what I write about, but I find a controversial or unusual position will be more likely to invoke a response and provide some feedback that challenges me.

    What I like about the "reactions" is it gives lazy people the opportunity to state their approval (or disapproval) with just a quick click.

    I also find there are a lot of people that are too intimidated to leave a comment.

    I wish there was also "reactions" for the comments as it would be an easy way for me to acknowledge that I have read the comment and politely say "thank you for your point of view". Yes - I'm often lazy as well.


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