Memories of the 70s

Peace Candle

Ron (The Magician) Walker and I spent hours composing this photo in 1973.

Although somewhat obscured by the butterfly, the candle was actually a hand forming the peace sign.

The fingers are burned down past the knuckles.

The love beads that a girlfriend had given me, were displayed in an attempt to form a crude peace symbol.

Backyard In Winter

This was one of my mother's favourite photos, taken in the winter of 1973 of our backyard in

I had helped my father plant those trees, that were just shrublings at the time, several years earlier. I never gave them much hope for survival.

When our home was sold after my parents' death, the trees had grown about three times the size they are shown here and would completely obscure the sky and any hint of the fields behind our house.

The fields of course are now a subdivision.

Thanksgiving at the Cottage

I am not a very good photographer but sometimes I get lucky. I snapped this timeless photo on Thanksgiving weekend in 1973 as we sped off for a final boat ride of the season.

The Tree & The Cabin

This picture was taken in Oro in 1977. We were renting a house that had once belonged to my aunt and uncle.

I could see the little 2 room cabin from our living room window. 

I have many fond memories there with an old friend Kenny, that used to live in that old cabin. 

We enjoyed many conversations over a Labbatt's Blue while smoking a hand rolled cigarette, laced with oil and listening to Pink Floyd and New Riders Of The Purple Sage.


  1. So much here but I will just focus on the peace candle for this comment. I remember the hippie movement but I didn't think of myself as a hippie at the time. I was one. I remember the big emphasis on 'Give peace a chance.' But. I never knew anything but peace. I remember the cries to 'Make love not war." I didn't understand how they were polar opposites, but I didn't have anything against making love. I didn't know what war was. Flowers, beads, flowing dresses, tie dyed T shirts and and bell bottom jeans were just what was in style. It wasn't a protest, it wasn't a political statement. We just grew up into it and stuff happened in the rest of the world. The full impact of what was going on didn't hit me until much later. I actually feel like I missed the 70's and the hippie movement even though I was smack dab in the middle of it and enjoyed every minute.

    Just a sidebar note: I thought I enjoyed smoking weed at the time. I have tried it again, now that it is legal and made a discovery that amazes and somewhat disappoints me. I don't enjoy getting stoned. I think I enjoyed it in the old days because it was illegal and that made me a radical, or something.

    1. Forbidden fruit is always the best! It's what got man into trouble with god in the first place. ;-)


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