A Journey Through The Seasons Of My Soul

There’s a flower among the weeds in the garden,
And the sun is shining through the clouds today;
The moon glows ever brightly in the darkness;
And guides me through the night along my way.

A gentle breeze cuts through the stillness of the air,
Composing melodies as they weave among the pines;
And time stands still throughout eternity,
Until at last you have resolved to be mine.

A canopy of red and orange and yellow,
Protects me from a chilly autumn rain;
Forest berries fulfill an emptiness within me,
‘Til I’m home and in your loving arms again.

Footsteps in the snow reveal the pathway,
That has led me to your door and to your heart;
Open both, and let me freely enter,
Let me stay and never more shall we part.

You are my flower in the garden and sun that’s in the sky,
The moon set in the darkness and the breeze that passes by.
You are time that’s never-ending, the beauty of the fall,
Berries, paths and snowflakes, you are one and you are all.
Lie with me at nighttime, come sing and dance and play,
Take my hand and pull me closer, that I may brush your tears away.
Let me feel your pain and sorrow, that I might set you free,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow; I want you here with me.

- jim Young 20090729


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