Be Thankful

- jim Young 20101203

A house catches fire every 45 seconds.
Tonight while I was in my favourite reading room, perusing one of my beloved research materials - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - I came across this little tidbit at the bottom of the page.

"In the United States a house catches fire every 45 seconds."

I found this very alarming.

I mean, just think of the poor people who live in that house?

Why don't they move?

I guess it would be hard to sell the house because you would have to be very quick to get a picture of it for the real estate listing between fires.

And you would think the fire department must be very discouraged.

They wouldn't even have time to get back to the station before they were called out again.

Maybe they should build a fire station right beside that house.

This is just one of those little reminders when we are feeling a bit down. No matter how tough our life is, it could be worse.

We could be living in a house that catches fire every 45 seconds.

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