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Published In The Great North Arrow, October 2020: Lies, White Lies & Exaggerations

- jim Young “I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate!” - anon Everyone exaggerates. Wait! That’s a lie. Maybe not everyone. Actually that wasn’t really a lie even though everyone may not really exaggerate. It was just an exaggeration. Confused? So what’s the difference? A lie can be defined as an untrue statement usually with the intent to deceive.  An exaggeration, while technically a lie, on the other hand is most often an attempt to embellish a true story to make it sound more interesting or more dramatic than it probably is. In the opening quote, while you may not have really been told a “million times” not to exaggerate, the main point is you have been told on more than one occasion not to exaggerate. “A million times” was added to emphasize it was a lot of times that you’ve been told and it's not intended to be taken literally. A pathological liar will soon be discovered as a fraud by everyone around him until the only person that believes his lies is himself. A comp

The Folly Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

- jim Young "If we demand, or acquiesce to, a COVID-19 vaccine passport, what happens with other communicable diseases, such as measles? Will we continue to ignore whether people are vaccinated against these diseases the way we did pre-COVID-19, or will we require passports for all diseases that have a vaccine?" - Barry Glass I am fully vaccinated. And by “fully”, I mean I received my second vaccine more than the required time frame of 14 days ago. I am not bragging, it’s just a statement of fact that might surprise you in light of my position on the Vaccine Passport. I wish everyone would get the Covid-19 Vaccine. At the very least, it would make things simpler. But mostly I wish everyone would get the Covid-19 Vaccine for their own protection. I could give you all the reasons that I believe that, but I doubt it’s going to change anyone’s mind.  My name is jim Young. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any post-nominal letters to attach after my name that would afford me any