The Folly Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

- jim Young

"If we demand, or acquiesce to, a COVID-19 vaccine passport, what happens with other communicable diseases, such as measles? Will we continue to ignore whether people are vaccinated against these diseases the way we did pre-COVID-19, or will we require passports for all diseases that have a vaccine?" - Barry Glass

I am fully vaccinated. And by “fully”, I mean I received my second vaccine more than the required time frame of 14 days ago. I am not bragging, it’s just a statement of fact that might surprise you in light of my position on the Vaccine Passport.

I wish everyone would get the Covid-19 Vaccine. At the very least, it would make things simpler. But mostly I wish everyone would get the Covid-19 Vaccine for their own protection.

I could give you all the reasons that I believe that, but I doubt it’s going to change anyone’s mind. 

My name is jim Young. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any post-nominal letters to attach after my name that would afford me any credibility on my position on that subject.

However, I think I can make a good case with logic for my decision to choose the vaccine, but rather than flog a dead horse to make a case for vaccinations, I would rather address the issue of the Covid-19 Vaccine Passport.

I hope you will follow the logic of my thought process that helped me arrive at this conclusion.

First, permit me to list some assumptions that are required to arrive at this conclusion. The assumptions I intend to use are generally accepted as true, or at the very least plausible by most. So, please don’t tell me that “making assumptions only makes an ass out of you and me”. News Flash! I’ve heard it before. It will not serve any useful purpose and quite frankly, it’s just childish.


  • Fully vaccinated people can still carry and spread the Covid-19 Virus.

  • Fully vaccinated people can still contract the Covid-19 Virus.

  • Fully vaccinated people that contract the Covid-19 Virus are far less likely to get as sick as an unvaccinated person that contracts the Covid-19 Virus.

  • Fully vaccinated people that contract the Covid-19 Virus are far less likely to die than an unvaccinated person that contracts the Covid-19 Virus.

  • Unvaccinated people that contract the Covid-19 Virus may become very ill and require ventilation in ICU.

  • Unvaccinated people that contract the Covid-19 Virus may die.

If you cannot accept these assumptions, there’s not much point in reading any further. You’ll just be wasting your time.

When the pandemic was first announced, many people refused, and continue to refuse, to believe the seriousness of Covid-19, suggesting it was all a hoax devised to permit Big Pharma to make more money and the Government to control the masses.

From the onset, my position on this was that, while I believed the pandemic was very real, I did not doubt that there would be many abuses from Big Pharma, our politicians and many others seeking ways to unscrupulously make money from it or otherwise take advantage to further their own agenda.

So how do we know what is true?

The credibility of today’s resources for accurate information on the pandemic and vaccinations is sorely lacking. 

Fake News and Social Media are two of the biggest culprits. 

Politicians are quick to choose sides and even flip-flop on issues if it best serves their ratings in the polls. 

Many Researchers, Doctors and Scientists are more interested in their own agendas, which don’t always have the public’s best interests in mind.

If I present to you a fact, someone will come forward with their own authority to dispute it. 

So I will attempt to demonstrate the folly of the use of a Covid-19 Vaccine Passport solely on the validity of logic, based on the assumptions outlined above. 


The Vaccine Passport has been suggested as a requirement for various things such as travel, employment, shopping, entry to sporting events, restaurants, bars, schools, libraries and more. 

In this example we will look at two friends, Linda and Tony who are going to a bar for a couple of drinks. Linda is vaccinated and has a Vaccine Passport. Tony is not vaccinated and of course does not. (As a side note, this difference of opinion does not prevent them from liking each other.)

Server: I need to see your Vaccine Passport.

Linda presents hers and the server takes her order.

Tony: I don’t have one.

Server: I’m sorry sir, a Vaccine Passport is required. I will have to ask you to leave.

My question is why? What purpose does this serve and who will it protect?


Linda has her vaccine but she still might be carrying the Covid-19 virus and could possibly spread it to other vaccinated OR unvaccinated people.

Linda may also contract the Covid-19 virus from other vaccinated people in the bar.

Linda might become sick, but she is confident that she will not become too sick and will not die and has decided to take that risk just like everyone else there at the bar.

So Tony is no more of a risk to Linda or anyone in the bar than all the other people that have provided their Vaccine Passports to gain entry.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the Vaccine Passport is not protecting Linda or any of the vaccinated patrons of the bar.


Tony is unvaccinated and even if he is the only person in the bar that is not vaccinated, he is still at risk of contracting Covid-19 from all the vaccinated people who were deemed acceptable to enter the bar simply because they have a Vaccine Passport.

Tony has had the opportunity to get vaccinated but for whatever his reasons, Tony does not want it. He either doesn’t believe Covid-19 is an issue or he somehow thinks he’s immune to it. That’s his choice as an adult living in a free world.

But the bottom line is, Tony is confident that he will not become sick and die and has decided to take the same risks that Linda has.

By the way, Tony also spends a lot of time lying in the sun with no sunscreen protection. At home, he’s a couch potato who rarely exercises, eats mostly junk food, unhealthy snacks and inordinate amounts of red meat. He smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. 

Tony was also planning to have unprotected sex with Linda tonight even though they just met. 

As a child, Tony was NOT vaccinated against the common childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox etc.

None of those things are illegal or require any proof that Tony is doing anything to reduce an unfavourable outcome either to himself or others. There is no passport required for any of them. They are all his choice. But going into a public place without a Covid-19 vaccine is a choice that has been denied him, even though he would be no more likely to spread Covid-19 than all the vaccinated people that are there.

So why do all those people with a Vaccine Passport get a pass when Tony doesn’t?

Who does the Vaccine Passport benefit?

Not Linda. Not the other patrons of the bar. And not Tony.

Mandatory use of the Vaccine Passport will slow the server down and add to the bar's operating costs while reducing their revenue by refusing to serve customers such as Tony. So there’s no benefit to the bar owner.

Big Pharma WILL benefit some, if people are forced to become vaccinated against their wishes.

Publishing companies that produce the Vaccine Passports WILL benefit.

Software companies that maintain the online data for Vaccine Passports WILL benefit.

Security companies that are required to protect the online data for the Vaccine Passports WILL benefit.

The criminal element WILL benefit, as they seek access via privacy breaches of the software companies that maintain the online data for Vaccine Passports despite the security companies’ best efforts.

The black market WILL benefit by selling counterfeit Vaccine Passports.

But none of these entities will further our protection against Covid-19.

RESOLVED: The use of a Covid-19 Vaccine Passport serves no useful purpose and will only go further to perpetuate the mistrust of the authority of the government.

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