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NOTE: This Item is being sold in LORING, Ontario PRICE: $565 Cdn. SOLD HISTORY It’s probably a good thing that I fell for my wife before I knew she owned a Marantz Amp or she might still be wondering today whether I married her for herself or her Marantz. I like to think I’m a good man but after all, I am still just a man with human weaknesses. My wife and I adoring each other and our Marantz Amp. From Frank and Dino to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones - they all sound great! One of the Marantz Amps Model #125 at Sugar's 1977 I fell in love with Marantz when I worked as a disc jockey at Sugar’s Discoteque at the Leonard Hotel in St. Catharines in 1977 even before I fell in love with my wife. Just as the love for my wife has never died, neither has my love for Marantz. My system at Sugar’s consisted of 2 Marantz Amps, Model #125. One amp was used for the left channel and one amp was used for the right channel sending 250 watts of pure fucking power per channel to the disco freak

Published In The Great North Arrow, March 2022: A Day Late And A Dollar Short

  -  jim Young “I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.” - anon The Ontario government is considering scrapping renewal fees for Ontario license plates and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean I’m always happy to save a buck wherever I can, but sometimes it seems like I’m always getting the short end of the stick. You see, I retired in Northern Ontario a few years ago and was quite happy to discover that my license plate renewals were ½ the price of the fees in Southern Ontario. So these savings on what I have paid for license renewals for most of my adult life will be gone. I shouldn’t be surprised though. The government has been jerking me around with my license plates all my life. When I was a young, new driver the only cars could afford were old worn out clunkers that someone was getting rid of. I was at the mercy of whatever was available that was cheap. Ontario license renewal fees at the time were priced according to the number of cylinders th

Crispy Buffalo & Teriyaki Chicken Breasts

Like most happily married couples, one of the things that make My Shirley and I “work” is the many things we have in common.  Crispy Buffalo & Teriyaki Chicken Breasts served with Stuffed BBQ Potatoes NOTE: If the picture looks a little different from your creation it’s probably because I substituted Rice Krispies as we didn’t have any Corn Flakes on hand. We did have Frosted Flakes however, and I considered licking the sugar off the Frosted Flakes and using them but I was worried the “flakes” would be too soggy.   The other thing that makes us work is our differences. We have more in common than not, but our differences can also be a strength. I am weak in areas where My Shirley is strong. My Shirley will push while I pull. When my head is in the clouds, My Shirley remains grounded. She is Yin to my Yang. Just as in everything else, My Shirley and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to food. Pretty much, but not everything.  “She likes potato while I like pahtato…”