Address Change: Not As Simple As It Seems

An open letter sent to Bell's Executive Office/Client Relations on Feb-13-2023. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you please explain to me why, after many requests made on my behalf over the past 6 years, this issue has still not been resolved?

Bell Canada is one of the largest communication companies in the world and yet I seem to have difficulty communicating with Bell Canada on this issue.

I simply cannot fathom that, what should be the simplest of tasks should require so much energy on my part without realizing any resolution to date.

I have simply been asking for an address change. 

Attached please find a screenshot of our Billing Profile captured as of today. 

Our profile on the Bell Canada Website shows our correct mailing address.

I draw your attention to the Billing Address which is recorded in YOUR database and showing in our profile at My Bell as:

11869 Hwy 522 P.O. Box 49 LORING Ontario P0H1S0

Attached also please find a mailing from Bell Canada we received last December. 

Despite many requests to correct this, Bell has insisted
on addressing our correspondence with an incorrect
Town, incorrect Postal Code and no Box Office #.

I draw your attention to the address to which it was mailed:

Shirley Young

11869 522 Hwy

Wilson ON P0H 1Y0

Can you spot the differences as I’m certain many Sesame Street viewers would be able to do?

Let me point them out to you as I have done for so many other Bell Canada Customer Service Reps who have been unable to accomplish the task of making these simple changes.

  1. TOWN:1 We do NOT live in the town of “Wilson”. The town of Wilson is a three and a half hour drive north of Loring along Hwy 65 near Elk Lake. There is a Wilson Lake nearby and a Wilson Crescent nearby in PORT Loring We are located in the TOWNSHIP of Wilson but there is NO town of “Wilson” in this area and it has NO PLACE as part of our mailing address.

If you are using “Wilson Township” as some kind of location reference internally for your service people, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that “Loring” covers a much smaller area than “Wilson Township” and would likely be a better choice to provide as reference to your service repairmen. 

Wouldn’t a GPS location be even better? 

Better yet, for internal purposes, you might want to consider switching to What3Words - the world wide geolocation system that can accurately pinpoint any 3 square metre location in the world with just 3 words. Our What3Words location is “serene.spaces.blackbird”. Keep in mind, however, that using this for our “mailing address” would be as incorrect as using “Wilson” to identify our location.

  1.  POSTAL CODE: The correct postal code for “LORING” is “P0H 1S0”. The postal code Bell Canada insists on using is not even the postal code for the town of “Wilson”. It is the postal code for the town of “PORT LORING”. I’m sorry if the similarities of the names of these two towns situated side by side is confusing to you, but you must learn to deal with it.

  1. BOX NUMBER: You will notice the lack of a “Box Number” in the mailing address that Bell Canada used for this correspondence to us. While “11869 Hwy 522” may be considered our “street” address provided for the purpose of establishing 9-1-1 service in this area, our mail is actually delivered to a Canada Post Office Box at the Loring Canada Post Outlet.

Canada Post requires our P.O. Box # and have requested on more than 1 occasion that I ensure my correspondents all use this number in our address. Amazon has been able and willing to fulfill this request. Costco has been able and willing to fulfill this request. Hydro One has been able and willing to fulfill this request. Why can’t Bell Canada do the same?

You may feel this letter to you has been riddled with sarcasm and it has. I make no apologies for that after 6 years of trying to remedy a simple situation that could and should have been so easily corrected and should never have occurred in the first place. I trust you can appreciate my lack of patience in this matter.

As Carol Kane said to Bill Murray in the movie Scrooged, "Sometimes you have to slap them in the face just to get their attention!"

I trust this will finally be resolved once and for all and we can put this matter behind us.

As proof that this has finally been resolved, I am requesting that you correspond to me by mail, using our correct postal address at your earliest opportunity.


jim Young

1 I acknowledge that neither Loring nor Port Loring or even Wilson are technically considered “towns” but have chosen to use the more common usage of the word “town” in the interest of simplifying matters here.  


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