Are Hand Sanitizers Weakening Our Immune System?

- jim Young 20200314

“Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” The Untouchables (1987)

Don't leave your immune
system defenseless.
One of our most effective natural defenses against infectious and contagious diseases is our own immune system.

Exposure in small doses to infections and contagions allows our immune system to build up a resistance to diseases enabling us to fight it off and prevent us from getting sick.

This often explains why housewives and doctors have traditionally been passed over during outbreaks of colds and flus

As caretakers to the family and the general public, housewives and doctors are most likely to be exposed to cold and flu viruses in the early stages of their attack.

It’s the same principle with vaccinations which inject weakened doses of the virus (alive or dead) into our bodies to allow our immune system to familiarize itself with the threat and take appropriate defensive action.

When our bodies don’t have the required resources to fight back, our immune system becomes overwhelmed and we get sick.

Hand sanitizers were introduced in the 1980s and started to become a popular defense against spreading diseases.

With the attacks of such diseases as Hantavirus (Deer Mouse Disease) in 1993, West Nile in 2002, SARS in 2003, The Swine Flu in 2009 and Ebola in 2018, the use of hand sanitizers have become more and more popular.

Now, with the introduction of Coronavirus, sales of hand sanitizers have increased as much as 800% in some areas.

This is great for a short term battle.

The problem is, when we are using hand sanitizers as a defensive action against germs and viruses on a daily basis, we are denying our immune system the opportunity to build up their resistance.

Then comes the day you forget to use hand sanitizer; or you use it incorrectly; or it wears off before you have the opportunity to reapply it; or for some other unknown reason, that new virus just somehow sneaks past it all.

Your protocol has been breached and your immune system is left as your last line of defence.

Unfortunately your immune system is not familiar with these new germs and viruses as you have blocked all previous exposure to it. Your immune system is left standing there with his knife at a gunfight and you know who’s going to win this one.

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