Trump: In A Class With Kennedy

- jim Young 

"Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot." - Alan Jay Lerner

I think if I had to compare Donald Trump to any previous U.S. President, it would be John F. Kennedy.

They have a lot in common and they both have a very loyal fan base. 

Kennedy and Trump are both man-whores that cheated on their wives.

And let’s face it, Kennedy and Trump were both elected for pretty much the same reasons.

Kennedy was elected in 1960 primarily because he wasn’t Richard Nixon.

Trump was elected in 2016 primarily because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

I’m not saying Kennedy wasn’t the best man for the job but I’m not saying he was either. What I’m saying is, Kennedy didn’t win his election based on his ability to do the job. 

Kennedy was young, fresh and vibrant. Nixon was perceived as a dishonest used car salesman. 

Nixon looked shady when he appeared in the first nationally televised presidential debate sporting a five o’clock shadow while Kennedy looked like he had just hopped out of the shower.

And I’m not saying Trump wasn’t the best man for the job either but I’m also not saying he was. What I’m saying is, Trump didn’t win his election based on his ability to do the job. 

Trump claims to be like Kennedy appeared to be, but since he can’t pull it off visually, he just says stuff like. “I am perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young,”  even though the 74 year old Trump who is clinically obese was still contagious with Covid-19 at the time. 

Obviously these are lies. Trump is the master of lying. We know it, Trump knows it and even his supporters know it. 

Hillary, like Nixon, on the other hand was also perceived to be shady and of course “crooked”.

Kennedy told the people what they wanted to hear and Trump has done the same thing.

In 1961 Kennedy told the people "For I can assure you that we love our country, not for what it was, though it has always been great -- not for what it is, though of this we are deeply proud -- but for what it someday can, and, through the efforts of us all, someday will be." 

55 years later, Trump simplified that with a slogan stolen from Ronald Reagan to “Make America Great Again”.

Right or wrong, good or bad, Trump has his own style just as Kennedy did.

And it works. Whether it will work enough to get Trump re-elected remains to be seen.

It worked four years ago, so who’s to say it won’t work again?

I wonder if Trump will be as remembered 55 years from now for saying things like “I don’t get any credit for that but that’s OK, I never do.” as Kennedy is for saying things like, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

- 30 -


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