Cuba 14.2 Marea del Portillo - Part 5 / The Food

The food seemed much better overall this year. There is a new 24 hour snack bar where french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and coffee along with a limited assortment of liquor to make drinks such as Spanish Coffee are always available.

Preparing Spanish Coffee in Cuba is a
work of art and well worth waiting for.

But there were no buns for the wieners or hamburgers as there is a flour shortage due in part to Trump’s embargo. The hamburger patties however, were the best I have had anywhere in Cuba.

Enough flour was available for their delicious homemade bread in the buffet and about 50% of the time we could even get a bun for our hamburgers at lunch in the buffet.

I was amused by the “Kids Station” that was set up in the buffet for the children as it often consisted of food left over from the previous meal of adult food but cut into smaller portions. But there were few children here right now and of course they were also welcome to enjoy food from the adult sections anyway.

There was very little food wasted except what was created by the tourists who overindulged and could not finish their meals. Even much of that waste however, was fed to the resident canine population.

The dogs on the resort were very well behaved and quickly learned
which of the guests were likely to share some table scraps
with them and which of the guests would shun them.

The descriptions of the food are always interesting. In some resorts we have seen hot dog wieners cut into diagonal slices presented as “sausages”. During our stay here we were treated a couple of times to “boneless chicken grilled” only to discover the dish was ordinary drumsticks, bone-in. I suppose the actual “chicken” on the drumsticks was boneless - you just had to remove the “boneless part” of the chicken from the drumstick?

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