Cuba 14.2 Marea del Portillo - Part 6 / The Entertainment

The house band, which varies in personnel every night remembered us from last year. One of them calls me his “papa”. They are very good when serenading in the buffet, prompting Shirley and I to get up and dance to the amusement of some of the other guests.

Shirley with the houseband in the buffet.

Each day that we were not off the resort in the afternoon, we played BINGO. Shirley managed to win 3 bottles of Rum during the 2 weeks we were there.

Bingo Time with Shirley, Bill, Anita, Diana and Army.

While checking the numbers of her 3rd win, Maya, the day’s Bingo caller, tried to trick Shirley into believing that she had made a mistake and did not have all the required numbers. The penalty for which was your choice of dancing on stage, shooting tequila or jumping in the pool. But Maya awarded Shirley her rightful prize before making her choose one of those options.

Shirley wins a bottle of Rum.
We didn’t make it to a lot of the nightly shows which alternated between our pool bar area at Marea and the Farallon on the hill. But we did manage to see most of the Water Ballet with the swimmers from Santiago de Cuba that travel all over Cuba to entertain. We left the show a bit early and just in time to miss the downpour of rain that evening.

Saxophonist and Interpreter Dancer
perform prior to the Water Ballet.

Water Ballet

Dinner on Cuban Night was held at the pool snack bar instead of the buffet. The main course consisted of juicy, perfectly cooked pork legs that had been roasted all day long on a spit near the beach.  Shirley picked a table for us which proved to be the best spot to enjoy the band that entertained during dinner.

The highlight of the band was an old mechanical air organ that was operated with sheets with cut out holes much like a player piano. A hand crank fed the music sheets into the machine and the music it provided was accompanied by drums and cowbells.

Mechanical Organ and Dancers
entertain on Cuban Night.

The mechanical organ is over 120 years old and still operated by current generations of the same family.

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