Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

- jim Young 20190513

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” – Andy Rooney

Many of the resorts we have visited in Cuba have a population of cats or dogs roaming free on the grounds.

For My Shirley, an avid animal lover, this is just an added bonus. My Shirley delights in bringing food and treats for the cats or dogs to feast upon in return for their devoted affection.

It’s a perfect illustration of Quid Pro Quo at its finest.

I get that some people are not as enthusiastic about the resident dogs at Marea Del Portillo in Manzanillo de Cuba but I don’t think the dogs could be described as a nuisance in any stretch of the imagination.

I don’t know if they “did their business” elsewhere or if the grounds crew were diligent in cleaning up after them but I never saw any evidence that the dogs were a part of the resort population other than their actual presence. So their hygiene certainly can’t be an issue.

During our last visit to Marea Del Portillo I witnessed one of the dogs sitting patiently beside a table in the snack bar while one of the guests enjoyed some French Fries. The dog was patiently awaiting a scrap to be offered to him. The young lady noticed the dog quietly sitting there and gently waved him off. The dog took the hint without offence and went to the next table in the hopes he would find a more receptive guest there.

If the dogs at Marea Del Portillo were human they would be described as gentlemen. They never quarrelled amongst themselves nor were they loud or aggressive in any attempt to attract attention.

They were seeking nothing more than friendship and love in exchange for the friendship and love they had to offer.

But as the title of my article suggests, some people are not content to let sleeping dogs lie.

A Dog & A Bitch!

As we gathered around the pool one evening waiting for the entertainment to begin, we watched a group of boisterous ladies select a table near the pool.

The “lady” in the picture (and I use the term “lady” here very generously) chose a chair at the table that was in close quarters with one of the many empty chaise lounges that surrounded the perimeter of the pool.

Except this particular chaise lounge was not empty. This chaise lounge was, at the time, occupied buy one of the resort dogs taking a nap.

This “lady” could have easily just pushed the chaise lounge aside a few inches to permit access to the chair she had selected. Or she could have gently awoke the dog to get him to vacate the chaise lounge before moving it.

Instead this “lady” took hold of the top of the chaise lounge and lifted it in an obvious attempt to toss the dog into the pool, all the while laughing, to garner the attention and approval of her friends.

Some people just need to feel a sense of superiority, if not over other people, then lesser creatures.

Fortunately, the startled canine was quick to awaken and gather his senses, as dogs are often known to do. The dog jumped to safety and then, unlike a human being that might be quick to retaliate in revenge, simply wandered off to seek a more friendly location.

There is no doubt in my mind that this “lady” never gave this moment a second thought. But I wonder how she might feel knowing how much disdain and disgust she had garnered from the several guests who witnessed this boorish behaviour?

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