Published In The Great North Arrow, July 2022: Canada Day: 2022

 jim Young

“I know this place is where I am, No other place is better then.
No matter where I go I am, Proud to be Canadian!” -  Molson’s Commercial

Most of our “stat” holidays in Canada fall on the same day each year. Some are planned to fall on a specific calendar day such as New Year's Day on January 1st, Christmas Day on December 25th or Boxing Day on December 26th. 

Others, for the sake of convenience are designed to be tagged onto a weekend such as the Monday before May 25th for Victoria Day, the second Monday in October for Thanksgiving or the much more complex “two days prior to the first Sunday following the full Moon that occurs on or just after the ecclesiastical spring equinox” in the case of Good Friday.

Officially Canada Day falls on July 1st to “commemorate the unification of the three North American British colonies: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada (which consisted of Ontario and Quebec)” that took place on July 1, 1867.

Some businesses will recognize Canada Day on that date regardless of the day of the week it falls upon. Should Canada Day fall on a Wednesday, some may choose to close shop on the Monday prior, while others may choose the Friday after to celebrate, with the intention of providing a long weekend for their employees or to lessen the interruption to their work week.

A particularly generous employer might even allow their employees an extra day’s vacation if Canada Day falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, giving them an extra long weekend.

This year, July 1st happens to fall on a Friday so almost everyone will be afforded the opportunity to celebrate Canada Day on the same day while also benefiting from a long weekend.

And what a Canada Day it will be across this great country of ours! After two years of restrictions (due to the “C-Word” - let’s not speak of it again) Canadians are champing at the bit to celebrate Canada Day in full vigor.

The Argyle Community is pulling out all the stops and taking this opportunity to stretch Canada Day, not just into a long weekend, but a whole week of fun and activities with parades - both on land and on the water, fireworks on Wilson Lake, a fish fry, poker run, children’s ball hockey, teen and adult baseball games, Red and White Day at the Farmer’s Market, children and family activities, live music, children’s colouring contest, a pancake breakfast at the Saint Andrews United Church and more. Santa and Mrs. Claus will hold an open house at their summer home where you’re invited to drop by to say “Hi” and take a selfie with the Jolly Couple.

Tamara Bain will have more details in her column in this edition of the Great North Arrow and of course you can check for exact dates and more details as they become finalized on the Argyle (Northern Ontario) Community News Facebook Page.

If you’re looking for a nice Canada Day beverage to help you celebrate, Molson’s Canadian is often the first to come to mind. Of course there’s many other great Canadian Brewers such as Labatt’s, Carling, The Brick, Muskoka Cottage Brewery and more. 

A Bloody Caesar always makes a great Canadian choice as does Screech or Canadian Whiskey. 

Those looking for a non-alcoholic option might reach for the champagne of ginger ales, Canada Dry and let’s not forget a great Canadian staple - Tim Hortons. You might want to make that a Double Double.

Recently I discovered Cabot Trail Maple Cream, a delicious blend of cream, maple syrup and dark rum. 

Recognizing John Cabot as the first European to discover Canada, Ungava Spirits Co. produces Cabot Trail Maple Cream to honour Cabot’s “adventurous spirit” as he discovered “a world full of richness, cultures and flavours”.

Okay, let’s just gloss over the fact that rum is more traditionally thought of as a Caribbean drink, it’s the maple syrup part of this elixir that makes this drink uniquely Canadian. 

The Cabot Trail for which this drink was named is in Nova Scotia and Ungava Spirits where it is manufactured is in Quebec, making up over half of the North American British Colonies that grew to become this land that I love. That makes “Cabot Trail Maple Cream” Canadian content enough for me.

Enjoy Maple Cream over ice, in your Tim’s or check the internet for an interesting cocktail you might want to mix it with. It’s even good just poured over a dish of ice cream.

Whether it’s “The Original Cabot Trail Maple Cream” that is your beverage of choice to celebrate Canada Day this year with or one of the many others available to choose from, please remember to drink responsibly.

Now, get ready to sing “O - Canada!”

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