Was Canadian Firefighter FIRED For Making This Video?

- jim Young

“A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.” - William Blake

Peter van Oordt makes an excellent statement in his video, justifying his refusal to be vaccinated, with mostly strong, sound reasons to support his decision. It's actually one of the best cases I've heard. I will not challenge his few weak points as it is not the purpose of this article to dispute the merits, or lack of, of vaccination policies.

The claim however, that he was fired for "making this video" is misleading. In the video, van Oordt publicly and blatantly states his intent to violate the township's vaccination policy. Right or wrong, in a province where termination does not require a reason, that's inviting trouble right there. 

It was probably also not a wise choice on van Oordt’s part to film the video in uniform in the firehall where he was employed. There was nothing in his presentation that required the credibility of his position as a firefighter to support his views.

It was simply an improper use of municipal property to make a personal, political statement. That he went to such lengths to ensure the identity of the Township was not revealed suggests van Oordt was aware of that and perhaps even invited the outcome.

At best, during his addendum, even Peter van Oordt admits that he only "thinks" he was fired for making the video on township property suggesting that HR only “alludes” to this fact.

It seems reasonable then, that Peter van Oordt was more likely fired for insubordination and inappropriate use of township property, not for making the video.

What Difference Does It Make?

Headlines are intended to grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to read or watch more. Unfortunately, as is often the case, headlines are too often misused to mislead and sometimes even to outright misinform.

It is not enough to assume the viewer will get the whole story by reading on or viewing the accompanying video.

Many people will read the headline “Canadian Firefighter FIRED for making this video” and be intrigued to click on it.

But this video is 13 minutes and 50 seconds long. So many are not going to make it to the end. After reading the headline, those that make it far enough to hear Peter van Oordt talk about his position on vaccinations and with the headline already in their mind, will jump to the conclusion that he was fired for speaking out against vaccines. That is not accurate at all, even if that is what the headline seemed to imply.

The headline has done a great disservice to the story.

(FYI Peter van Oordt announces he will not provide proof of vaccination to his employer at the 3:00 minute mark.)

The media is under fire every day for their resfusal to report the news truthfully and without editorializing, and rightfully so. Anyone that wants to be taken seriously whether it be on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or any other platform would be well advised to set high unimpeachable standards for themselves.

I am not suggesting there is no place for editorializing, but if something is being presented as a fact, it should be a fact.

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