Maybe It’s Because Of This…

- jim Young

“Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption and watch the world play its part relative to its fulfillment.” - Neville Goddard

Sorry if I got your tits in a knot with my meme. I was just trying to get your attention.

But while we’re on the subject, pictures of empty shelves began appearing on Facebook, blaming the shortages on the Trucker’s Vaccine Mandate almost before the chain reaction had time to take effect.

And it didn’t help that photos like the first one, which claimed to be of a store in one location, would later be exposed as being from another unknown location. So who’s to know if it was even relevant to the story?

The second photo I purposely selected for this demonstration because it shows a grocery store in the UK taken LAST SUMMER. So it certainly has nothing to do with either the trucker’s vaccine mandate OR the trucker’s convoy.

And on another note, if the first picture even is a legitimate representation of the trucker’s vaccine mandate, all it says to me is we’re not buying enough CANADIAN.SUPPLIED.MEAT!

Surely the trucker’s vaccine mandate is not affecting the transportation of Canadian Food to Canadian Retailers, although the trucker’s convoy may very well be.

And yeah, I get that a temporary interruption for the greater good is a necessary thing even if those opposed to the trucker’s vaccine mandate don’t.

My point is, when you use fear mongering (which both sides tend to do) to make your case, your perception becomes your reality and your prophecy becomes self-fulfilling.

Of COURSE we’re going to have a food shortage, NOW, thanks to the fear mongering. Everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon and stocking their freezers to their limits in fear of running out.

My GOD people! Have we learned NOTHING from the “Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020”?

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