Keep The Focus On The Cause

- jim Young

“It’s not intentions that matter. It’s actions. We are what we do and say, not what we intended to do.” - anon

From the start, organizers of the Truckers Convoy that is arriving in Ottawa this weekend, have been very clear that they are not opposed to Covid Vaccines, they are only opposed to Covid Vaccine Mandates.

And that’s pretty much all this protest is about or should be about.

I would expect the organizers likely anticipated and were prepared for criticism from the opposition and knew well they might even be subject to union busting tactics and other immoral attempts to discredit their cause.

But it’s the damage from well intentioned supporters that likely hurt them the most. While most of these people truly support the trucker’s protest, they often can’t help furthering their own agendas in the process.

This protest is not about media blackouts, supply shortages, overthrowing the government or anything else but one peaceful demonstration with one single purpose.

Let’s all keep the focus on the cause.

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