Published in the Great North Arrow, July 2020: Update to My Marantz & Me

Update to My Our Marantz & Me We

- jim Young

If you read my column last February you will remember I was in the process of having my vintage Marantz Receiver Amp restored to working status.

Shortly after my Marantz went in for repair the last time, we were hit with Covid-19 and the repair shop was closed due to its classification as a non-essential service. Audiophiles such as myself might tend to disagree with this classification but there you go.

Regardless, we were pleased to receive a call from R&J Electronics in North Bay when they reopened that “our” Marantz was finally ready to Rock ‘n Roll once more.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Randy in California at irebuildmarantz for tracking down the elusive parts and Sergio’s relentless repair expertise at R&J Electronics in North Bay, we are once again enjoying our tunes from Beethoven to the Beatles with the clarity and oomph that the artists intended their music to be heard.

Of course, as always, apologies go out to all our neighbours.

I don’t always listen to the Rolling Stones but when I do, so do my neighbours.

- 30 -


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