An Open Letter To Kate

Recently I saw this letter on Facebook to Doug Ford from a young, 13 year old girl named Kate.

Following it is an open letter in response to Kate, from me, that I hope will be of some use to Kate and any child (and their parents) that may be going through the same thing that Kate is.

An Open Letter To Kate

- jim Young

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. - Carl Jung”

Dear Kate,

Quit listening to your parents whining. 

They have misled, you if you believe any of your inconveniences are the fault of Doug Ford or any other individual politician. 

Trust me, I am not going to tell you that I believe Doug Ford or any individual is doing everything right but you should know that whatever inconvenience you are suffering is the direct result of the pandemic.

Who do your parents blame when a tornado or a hurricane strikes? Do they also blame politicians for taking action to ensure the safety of the people who are affected then?

Ask your parents what they think should be done to help fight the pandemic. If their answers are things like "let you go back to school" or "let everyone see their friends and family" then isn't that really the same as doing nothing?

Is THAT what you want people that are charged with protecting you to do? Nothing?

If all you have left to do is sit at home and stare at your computer then your parents are failing you miserably. There are lots of things you can and should be doing. Instead of blaming politicians your parents should be looking at this as an opportunity to spend time with you and teach you how to find simple alternate pleasures in life.

Ask your parents why they are not fulfilling their obligations. If they tell you they don’t know what to do, tell them to ask Doug Ford or other politicians for suggestions.

If your parents tell you they don’t have time, remind them that parenting is a 24/7 PRIORITY!

When your parents got married they likely took a vow to love, honour and respect each other until death do they part.

When you were born, they took a similar unspoken oath making YOU their priority above all else. 

Your PARENTS are responsible for your health, your safety, your well being, your education, your EVERYTHING - not Doug Ford, nor any politicians. This is your PARENTS’ job.

Kate, I know you did not ask for this and I know you are making many, many sacrifices. My heart truly goes out to you as it does for every other child in the world today.

Like you, I hope this will all be over soon. 

In the meantime, you have two choices. 

1. You can continue to blame others for what happens and nothing will likely change.

2. You can accept the challenge to confront this adversity with courage and strength and allow it the opportunity to help you become a better person. 

Kate, you will soon be an adult and you will likely face more adversities in your lifetime. How you handle this one will help you prepare for the next.

Your voice is being heard Kate. And many tears are being shed along with yours.

What distresses me most however is that you felt the need to suggest that “Kids Matter Too!” Of course children matter too, Kate. And I am saddened that someone, somehow has made you feel that they don’t.

That is the biggest tragedy of all and something that no child should ever be made to feel.

- 30 - 


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