Feeling Safe Yet?

- jim Young 20200613

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” - Plato

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In the wake of a senseless tragedy that occurs, such as last April when a gunman killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, it’s natural to feel vulnerable and seek ways to make us feel safer.

Trudeau, through an Order-In-Council, took action to assure the public’s safety by banning 1,500 variants of 11 types of firearms.

Two of the weapons used by the gunman in Nova Scotia are on that list.

Does that make you feel safer? It shouldn’t.

They were already illegal, at least in the hands of the gunman, so in fact nothing has changed really, except that the rights of many “law-abiding citizens” have now been infringed upon because laws that were already in place, were not being enforced.

In fact ALL of the weapons used by the gunman were illegally obtained, many of them from the U.S.

Can someone please explain to me how passing NEW laws protects Canadian citizens when EXISTING laws are not being sufficiently enforced?

The Canadian government has budgeted $86 million to fight the illegal importation of guns from the U.S.

Feeling safer now?

However, 10 times that amount, another $600 million to $1 billion will be spent to “buy back” guns from “law-abiding citizens” (Trudeau’s words, by the way) to compensate them for the guns that have been recently added to the prohibited list.

Does taking legally owned firearms from “law-abiding citizens” make you feel safer?

And just what do you think the gun owners are going to do with the money they receive from the buy-back program? Most of them will use the money to purchase legal firearms that are functionally identical to the ones that have just been confiscated because there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the 1,500 variants of the 11 types of firearms were banned other than they “looked” scary.

How about now? Are you feeling safer yet?

Hands up from everyone that thinks the “buy-back” program will take even ONE illegally obtained firearm off the streets? No one?

Why not? Could it be because criminals are not likely to confess owning an illegally obtained firearm?

Up to $1 billion will be spent of taxpayers’ money for a program that will not take ONE single illegally obtained firearm off the streets.

Let me put that into perspective for you. $1 billion would be enough to give every single one of the 7,000,000 legal firearms owners in Canada over $140 towards the purchase of EXTRA security for their firearms ABOVE what they are already personally mandated by law to have to keep their guns secure.

Of course that’s just what you could do with the money assuming you think the $86 million being spent on the illegal importation of guns from the U.S. is sufficient.

Oh wait a minute! It’s NOT, is it? Otherwise the gunman in Nova Scotia wouldn’t have been able to buy them from the U.S. in the first place.

Or maybe the $86 million IS enough money to effectively fight the illegal importation of guns from the U.S. It certainly seems like it should be enough money.

Perhaps the bulk of it is just being squandered through the bureaucratic bullshit that we all too often see happen with taxpayer dollars.

But you wouldn’t want to spend ALL of the $1 billion on enforcing laws that are already on the books.

Authorities have been unable to determine how many of the 22 victims in the Nova Scotia incident died from gunshot wounds and how many perished in the several fires the gunman lit.

So let’s also outlaw all campfires lit by law-abiding citizens just to be safe. We will need some of the $1 billion to enforce those new laws.

And THAT should make us ALL feel safe.

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