The Unknown & The Unexpected

- jim Young 2019405

“The only real things in life are the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion.” - Watkin Tudor Jones
Security cameras are one of the most effective ways to prevent your home from being burglarized.

Although the likelihood of being burglarized in a small town in Northern Ontario is somewhat lower than when we lived in Barrie, I suppose you can never be too careful. But the simple truth is we did not install our home security system for home security purposes.

The sense of security and added protection it provides is really just a bonus, while the real intent of our security system was to keep an eye on the critters that come around at night, for no other reason than we enjoy watching them.

What we didn’t know when we installed these cameras was just what kind of critters we would be watching.

Our expectation was to capture footage of raccoons, skunks, deer, foxes maybe even an occasional bear or moose and whatever else might be lurking outside in the darkness.

We have been treated with visits from some of those and hope to see more as the the warmer weather brings them out of hiding but we have also discovered there are other unexpected critters visiting that we had no idea even existed.

It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to us. A world of the unknown.

What are they?

We don’t really know. It’s been suggested they may be ghosts, spirits, orbs, specters and more.

For lack of a better word I call them unknown entities. They are not visible to the naked eye as it seems they are only captured when the infrared lens is activated.

Appearing in varying shapes and sizes that often don’t remain consistent, these unknown entities seem to be benign. We haven’t been able to predict when they might be around or guess why they come at all.

For the time being they are just a curiosity that we enjoy watching as much as we do the more traditional wild life we had expected to entertain us.

There is one thing I hope we never see on our security cameras though and that’s a burglar.
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