The Best Pre-Mixed Mojitos North Of Havana

- jim Young

“I have a green smoothie every day. Oh, wait, the bartender said it's a mojito.” - anon

When one of the staff at the LCBO in Port Loring recommends a new drink to me, I listen.

In spite of what The Four Seasons might tell you, “Talk is NOT cheap” and it always seems to take its toll in the form of extra purchases at the check out. Many of the good things in life are worth a little extra however, so why not?

But when Lisa suggested a canned, pre-mixed mojito, I was very skeptical. That the description read “Rum Mojito” in big bold letters right there on the face of the can, did nothing to alleviate my concerns. 

Mojitos give me encourage-mint
to get through the week.
“As opposed to what?” I wondered, “What else would a mojito be made with BUT Rum?” 

A second look brought my attention to the smaller claim of “mint & lime” above it. If they had added “sugar” and “carbonated water”, this descriptive could have doubled as its ingredient list.

But the name “Cutwater” at the top also caught my attention which gave me reason to at least consider Lisa’s assurance that this mojito might be worth a try.

At least it wasn't a Bacardi product.

It’s not that most Bacardi rum products are not good, although Bacardi’s pre-mixed mojito (along with every other pre-mixed mojito I have tried) did leave a bad taste in my mouth - literally.

I avoid all Bacardi products in principle as a protest of Bacardi's terrorist acts and their part in the embargoes against Cuba. However, I have no such dispute with Cutwater and so, on Lisa’s recommendations I picked up a couple of cans of Cutwater Rum Mojitos for My Shirley and I to try.

I tell my friends that I make the best mojitos north of Havana with fresh mint right out of my garden. I can make that claim simply because no one’s ever challenged it. I mean who’s going to tell you your mojitos suck when they’re getting them for free?

After trying the Cutwater Rum Mojito, I am proud to say that I still make the best mojitos north of Havana BUT I will tell you this my friends, Cutwater makes the best “pre-mixed” mojito north of Havana. 

If you don’t know how to make your own mojito, you can get the recipe by clicking here: The Best Mojitos North Of Havana.

There are a lot of reasons you might prefer a pre-mixed mojito over a home-made mojito however, making Cutwater Rum Mojitos a wise purchase.

  • Mint could be out of season and you don’t like buying store-bought mint imported from Israel or South America.

  • You’re too lazy… You just don’t feel like making a home-made mojito. That’s okay. Nobody’s going to judge you.

  • You want to have pre-mixed mojitos on hand in case you get a sudden urge.

  • You want some mojitos to take as travelers with you when you visit friends. 

Either way, you’ll need to make that trip to the LCBO to get a bottle of Havana Club Rum (don’t forget that Bacardi thing I mentioned) for a home made mojito or Cutwater Rum Mojitos for a ready-made treat. 

At $3.25, Cutwater Rum Mojitos are a little pricey for a single 355 ml can when compared to many other coolers, but on the plus side, you can buy an individual can or two to try it out. 

On the downside, you can only buy Cutwater Mojitos individually so there is no opportunity to save by purchasing a 6 or 12 pack. (See my earlier comment about the good things in life.)

Julia, the manager at the Port Loring LCBO has told me they will also soon be carrying Cutwater Tequila coolers. But Tequila and I don’t always see “eye-to-eye” on things. It’s more like “eye-to-floor”, so you may have to review those ones on your own. 

Let me know how they are.

- 30 - 


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