Published In The Great North Arrow, July 2020: Happy Anniversary To Me

- jim Young

“Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaapy Anniversary,
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Anniversary... “ - Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble

This month marks my first year as a columnist for the Great North Arrow. I would like to thank Cyndi and Jim for allowing me to be a part of the Great North Arrow and for all the hard work they do in putting together and publishing this informative and fun paper.  

Of course I would also like to thank my readers. I hope you enjoy reading my column.

I have decided to update my photo to mark the occasion. 

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait has changed on our currency on average, every 13 years but I am not royalty nor can I take the chance that I will still be writing 13 years from now, although I hope I will be.

You may be aware that I also write articles on a semi-regular basis on my Dog On A Root website.

There, you will find articles, poetry, reviews, memes, photos, videos, recipes - just about anything. When Cyndi first contacted me to write for the Great North Arrow I made it my personal goal that everything I submitted to the Great North Arrow would be original and not a rehashed article from Dog On A Root, so that everything you read here would be new and fresh.

To celebrate my first year with Great North Arrow I have decided to create a category (an archive of sorts) at Dog On A Root to publish my Great North Arrow articles on a rotating basis, one year after they have been published in the Great North Arrow.

Everything you read in my column here will continue to remain exclusive to the Great North Arrow for one year.

However, beginning this month at Dog On A Root you will be able to read my first Great North Arrow article “Introduction” and next month you will be able to read, “My Family Name” from last August and so on. 

So if you’ve missed any of my articles here, you will be able to catch up online at Dog On A Root (There is  no cost or registration to visit this site.)

Come visit me there and be sure to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

- 30 -


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